Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal

After “Reverse-engineering” his career as a  fighter Jorge Masvidal made an explosive return to the UFC with 2 knockout victories in a row following a year-long hiatus from competing and is set to headline the UFC 244 card against the legendary Nate Diaz in a five-round title fight on November 2nd at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Jorge Masvidal first debuted in the UFC in April of 2013, but after 46 professional fights, he has begun to amass more hype and attention than at any other time in his lengthy career.

Masvidal returned to the octagon after taking a short detour from fighting to feature on a Spanish reality/game show for 13 weeks. The show titled ” Exatlon Estados Unidos” could essentially be described as a competition between two teams to prove who held greater athletic prowess, through a series of obstacle courses. Masvidal described the show as being an experience in which he “got to pick the brains” of high-level athletes from a range of different sports.

During his stay in the Dominican republic for the show, Masvidal had the time to re-evaluate and assess his whole fighting career. Shortly after he was struck with a revelation that changed his whole style and attitude as a fighter. This revelation seemed to stem from the fact that Jorge has the record for most split decision losses. Jorge came to the conclusion that in order to rise above his competition in the UFC he needs to remove the judges from the equation and end fights with a knock-out to leave no question of who the “better man” is.

This bold strategy proved to be a smart adjustment, earning him two jaw-dropping knock-out victories against Darren Till and Ben Askren. The latter being the fastest knockout in UFC history at a mere 5 seconds.

Following his return for Exatlon Jorge stood at the bottom of the rankings and struggled to find an opponent. That was until Darren Till, who was coming off a loss to champion-at that time-Tyron Woodley, stepped up.

Jorge’s return to the octagon Took place in Darren’s home country, with the crowd supporting their countryman. Jorge looked to implement his new method of fighting, which would see to the fact that the judges had no say in who the winner of the fight was. This implementation came in the form of a spectacular overhand right in the second round knocking out and sending Darren Till to what Jorge described “shadow realm“.

With a monumental knockout win, Masvidal returned to the win column. Jorge began to once again draw attention to himself as a dangerous striker and knock out artist.

The night wasn’t over for Masvidal yet. Jorge got into an altercation backstage with  Leon Edwards  , who fought in the co-main vent of the night. After a verbal exchange, Masvidal proceeded to walk towards Edwards in a calm manner before suddenly unloading a barrage of punches at Edwards, opening up a cut under his eye. 

Next on the kill list for Jorge was the new addition to the UFC roster, Ben Askren who had a unbeaten record.


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